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Add your credit card for easy and hassleless savings. Using your debit card, bank account, USSD, QR Code, setup your first plan.


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Why Choose Us

Get World Class & Fastest Online Saving Service

Saving for the future has never been this secured and easy.

Regulatory Compliance

Growing Seed is a duly registered multipurpose cooperative with the Corporate Affairs Commission. All our activities are in full compliance with regulatory requirements to the ultimate protection of our clients.

Safe & Secure

Growing Seed uses the highest level of Internet security secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption to guide against data theft. We are PCI-DSS compliant to ensure security of your data electronically. All cards and bank data are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information.


No maintainance fee

Option to withdraw and Opt out any time.

24 Hour live customer support

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Our Services

Choose a Savings Plan That Best Suits You

Regular Plan

This is the normal saving plan that enables you to make daily, weekly or monthly savings. You can withdraw at any time.

Goal Target Plan

This is a goal-driven saving. Choose this plan to save for a feasible target such as a car, next rent, house, etc.

Fixed Deposit Plan

The Fixed deposit plan is a saving that denies withdrawal until the specified end date. This helps you to avoid spending the money while saving.

Group/Family Plan

Group of people or a family can save towards a cause. This plan helps groups to save towards a common goal.

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Goal Setting

Manage Your Money With Online Savings Solution

Saving money can be both difficult and Tempting, yes we know and we care. So our Team of Vetted Financial Planners are ready to help you

  • Learn To Budget
  • Create An Emergency Fund
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Save And Invest Your Money

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Mobile Platform

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You Can Find All The Things You Need In It

  • Create multiple savings plans
  • Save with friends
  • Save for the rainy day
  • Play the long-term game
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