Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growing Seed?

Growingseed is a digital financial platform to helping people to save better using the App. We are registered with the corporate Affairs commission , Nigeria with Rc No 1989658. Our Savings scheme is duly registered under the Nigeria Cooperative Society Act with Registration No AB 18484 as Growingseed Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited.

Our goal is to help communities, groups, Individuals, families, entrepreneurs, students , etc to educate, empower, and train people about Financial independence. For you to be financially independent Savings is paramount. Savings is the key. The more you save money the more you become independence. Savings gives you the power to create wealth. The wise have wealth and luxury, but a fools spend whatever they get. Because it's very very difficult to save money, Growingseed provides all the necessary tools that can helps people to save money as little as possible. Their are many plans that is inside the secured App that helps to start your money seed savings today.

  1. Regular savings plan features.
  2. Target plan.
  3. Fixed deposit plan
  4. Group/ family plan
  5. Esusu plan
  6. Growingseed plus

Our goal is to help you organically to grow and raise startup funds capital for your investment , instead of going through the frustrations and stress of looking for funds whereby its possible to grow money seed as quickly as possible on your own.

The system has 4 plans to choose from:

  1. Regular Digital Wallet Savings:
    If you'd like to regularly put away money for your savings and withdraw only once a quarter, then the Regular Digital Wallet Savings is right for you. You can set it so that money is taken from your account and you don't have to worry about saving manually. Your incontrol of your money seed towards your stress free financial future. You can create multiple Regular Digital Wallet Savings accounts and track all within your app.
  2. Goal Target Digital Wallet:
    If you're saving towards a particular goal such as a car, house,projects, rent or travel, Goal Target Digital Wallet Savings is a great option. Your incontrol of your money seed towards your stress free financial future. You can create multiple Goal Target Digital Wallet Savings accounts and track all within your app.
  3. Fixed Deposit Digital Wallet Savings:
    If you're looking for something geared towards the long term, The Fixed Deposit Digital Wallet Savings feature is perfect for you. It's free, no interest rate , safe and you could lock away funds you don't need access to and make even more money by doing so.
  4. Group / Family Digital Wallet Savings:
    If you're looking to get started up investments as a Family or Groups, this is an opportunity to get that project done very fast. Its design for Religious Groups, Family Groups, Good Friends, Organizations and Society Groups , using our tested and warrantee system, you can achieve their Dreams and vision to a reality. You can create multiple Group / Family Digital Wallet Savings accounts and track all within your app.

To start saving on Growing Seed:

  • Visit the website or download the app to create an account.
  • Set up your deposit and withdrawal account details. Your details are safe.
  • Enter your debit card details to activate your account and then make your first deposit. (You may use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card from any Nigerian bank).
  • You may now proceed to use any of the Savings Plans to start your daily, weekly or monthly savings

Yes there's a little transfer fee on any money transfer done by our digital wallet trusted company Paystack. We only charge admin fees anytime you withdraw or cash money from your ewallet account .

You can ONLY save between: N50 - N50,000 daily, N1000 - N200,000 weekly, N5,000 - N500,000 monthly However, you can always top up your savings at any time. You're in control of your savings .

All financial information is encrypted and stored to PCIDSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCIDSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry. Additionally, all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted 256-bit HTTPS SSL connection.

This is a one time password used for initiating transfers and withdrawals on your Growing Seed account.

your security is our priority, so we work with a PCIDSS- COMPLIANT PAYMENT PROCESSORS, Flutterwave, Palpay, Paystack to handle your card details. Your card details are extremely safe .

GrowingSeed is a Financial Technology company, dedicated to helping Nigerians save better. We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria with RC: 1989658. Our savings scheme is duly registered under the Nigerian Co-operative Societies Act with registration number AB18484 as GROWINGSEED MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED. All funds and carefully housed in a secured bank .

No, everything is done automatically once you have set up your Autopay, except you set up manually and want to top up manually and have control by yourself . To keep track, all transactions on your debit card will be visible on your dashboard. We will also send an email receipt to you every single time you save with your card, and your bank will send you an alert as well. It's 100% secure.

Yes, you can, it is up to you to pause or continue the automatic saving any time for free. Login to your account, go to your Savings and select "Turn off Autosave"

We WON'T automatically debit your account if you missed any day, week or month and we WON'T charge you either.

Yes, you can increase the amount you're saving at any time. Simply login and then edit the amount. You can also edit your frequency to either daily, weekly or monthly.

Simple! We will not be able to debit you for that day, week or month. We will only be able to save for you when you have funds in your debit card.


You can withdraw at any time you want but remember we only charge a small admin fee. Just click on the make withdraw button. The system sends OTP code to your email for you to confirm, then we send the money directly to your designated bank account you want, then you can withdraw to your set bank account anytime.

Yes, you can! Simply log into your account and click on the withdraw option, then input the amount you want to withdraw.

You need to have filled in your bank details in your withdrawal settings then, click on the "withdraw" option on your dashboard, enter the amount you want to withdraw and your funds will be transferred to your set bank account within the stipulated time (not more than 3 working hours).

No, only the bank account and details you have submitted and confirm by us.
We make sure only the bank we have in our records that you can withdraw money to. Security and KYC is our first priority to all our members. So we make sure we confirm these following.

  1. We, first confirm your bank BVN number
  2. Your identification

You can withdraw all of your funds whenever. Your in control of your finances.

Growing seed Points( Yet to come )

Growing Seed is a way of rewarding our users for saving consistently. The more you save in your Growing Seed account the more you gain a point , which you can convert to money seed. We are still working on the system and when that service is out we will open it and let our users join .

Growing Seed Plus

It is another way for you to multiply or double your money seed that you have saved in your account. Any time you save your money seed , it is supposed to grow because it's a seed. Growing Seed Plus helps it to double when you show interest every week and win the prize. Remember it's not mandatory that you must win that week. The rafle is transparent under a trusted playing machine . The total amount will be shared to the selected winners . The winning amount will be returned back to the account you authorized Growing seed plus to boost that account. That means ( e.g. if you have like 10,000 naira in account for family savings and you won 300 , then that particular account automatically turns to 10,300 naira.)

1. Click your profile picture by your left hand side and click on growing seed plus. 2. 3. Create a ticket for that week by entering the amount you want to play. The money seed will be collected from any savings plans you have created. You have to authorities Growing seed to pick the money from your choice account. 4. 5. Growing Seed Plus will generate tickets for you. That ticket is what the playing machine will use for that week. You can only play 2 tickets per week. 6. 7. If you don't win that week don't worry try next week for another opportunity. It's a game of chance. 8. 9. You can view all your entries. 10. 11. You can track all past winning tickets on the dashboard. 12..

No you can't . For you to be eligible to show interest or play growing seed plus , you must at least save for a month so that you can have money to play. The money seed must come from any of your savings plans in the growing seed account. This is not a gamble but a way to boost your internal savings . If your ticket is among the winners , you will receive a boost on your savings account.

It's non refundable . It's not a game to die but a way to encourage you and boost your savings. If you didn't win that week , please try again next week, you may be lucky to win next week . The results are conducted transparently. You can track the process in your app. Honestly we wish you good success.

The draw is on Saturday and winning tickets are announced for that week . The system calculates the number of people that participated that week and the amount and selects the winning tickets . then share the total amount played among the winning tickets.

Growing Seed digital table has the eligible number to be rewarded for winning tickets. It starts from 50 people rewarding 20 people as a formula for a rewarding system each week . Each week has an approved number that will be eligible for a reward.

Each week starts from Monday to Friday. The system accepts offers from monday to friday , then closes at saturday 12.00 am. The draw is done on Saturday and winners emerge and publish in the app

ESUSU (Contribution)

It is an old traditional way of group rotational contribution done by 4 to 6 people in order to save and raise capital . Many people use their own capital to start businesses or solve money problems. The esusu platform is automated , starting with 4 to 6 people.Growing Seed provides all the solutions for doing esusu.

Minimum of 4 persons and maximum of 6 persons can agree to start while 1 person will be the coordinator or the group.

No, the member cannot withdraw until everyone has made their payments and it has gone round , then withdrawal can be made. Every person can track the progress of the payments and money earn on the dashboard, The coordinator has the responsibility of reminding and following the member group . He also has the responsibility to end each round once everyone has made their payments.

The coordinator crests the group and adds all the members and Only the coordinator can end the round from his app when all the members of the group have made all their agreed amount payment.

No, the esusu platform can only start receiving payment when every member has accepted the invitation sent by the corditor at the initial time he/she created the group .If you accept the invitation, esusu cannot start.

Yes each person receives notifications, receipts, and also has it displayed in their own dashboard.

The coordinator will follow it up and if it's beyond the coordinator , he/she will notify the support by sending an email . The support can pause or stop the esusu in order to refund the money back to each member, that is why all the money contributed are safe with the Growing Seed inc banks until all esusu are satisfied .

Yes you can withdraw all your money at any time and the money will be sent to your designated bank of your choice.

Through email:, or By phone or even chat.